63 Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan project.

This is how it looked when Shannon Jannsen owned it.

This is how it looked when my dad bought it (after a bit of clean up.)

Here's the engine. It's not Don Hill's HiPo Futura but it should look OK when finished.

After adding fenders and hood it looks almost good enough to drive!

It LIVES! We fired it up for the first time on the 25th of March, 2005.

FLASH! May 22, 2005. Just unloaded it off the trailer at my house. My dad has officially given it to my son!

My dad bought it back and put it in his field after my son Trey let it sit in his yard. We pulled it out of the field on 4-11-14 and now have it running and driving again.

The old tires wouldn't hold air for long and the belts were separating so we threw these on (from a Fox+4 Mustang).

Here's a video of the car going.

1963 Falcon Futura 2door Sedan.

Owned by Don Courtney of Baker FL.

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